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Our project was started in 2001 and turned into one of most frequently visited resources dedicated to clothes optional beach lifestyle almost at once. We've united many enthusiasts keen on shooting naturist pics and just having fun at beaches all over the world.

Our website debuted in 2001

The site was changed significantly in 2005. In response to the demands of X-Nudism project participants we started shooting professional models at beaches. Since that time the site contains both amateur and professional photos and fkk video.

Family Nudism

There were a number of great changes introduced in 2008. Since that time X-Nudism project can no longer be considered just a large collection of family nudist pictures and movies - now it is a place where any member can get lots of information on naturist and clothes optional beaches.

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Even if you spend every day of your vacation at clothes optional beaches, you won't be able to see and evaluate the beauty of such quantity of young babes. Our portal offers you quality naturist videos. Tanned beauties on the best beaches. New updates in HDV (high definition video) starting from September, 1.

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We suggest you becoming one of the members of the biggest nfturist movement on web. The majority of our subscribers not only spend their summers on clothes optional resorts, but also submit their photos and videos taken during their vacations in naturism resorts all over the world. As a result you can watch the nude beach action from the best beaches of the world with your own eyes. Believe us – this is a unique opportunity and an absolutely special sight!

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You will get access to fkk photos and videos from Europe and the USA. Nudists of all ages in their day-to-day clothes optional life. Young naturists on California and Florida beaches, family summertime on more liberated coasts of Spain, Croatia and France. Our system is highly secured, which allows you to plunge into the world of naturist beaches completely anonymously and without any risk.


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Therefore we thought to go through the Pyrenees and Spain on the Costa Brava where one could find plenty of sun, the prices are lower than in France but tranquility and empty beaches are totally out of question. In May, when I was doing my researches, there was no question of going into structured naturist campsite, but they were all too expensive. ... More
Our project does not deal with explicit porn materials. You will find no beach erection (boner) photos here and naturist beach sex scenes. But you should know that this site contains naturist pics, video and other nudity containing images. Please make sure than your children are protected from viewing adult websites.


nudism VIDEO - GIRLS at NUDE BEACHTired from photos of aged models? Don't believe in multiple orgasms and silicon implants filmed with the help of professional cams? Awesome! We are here to offer you a different sort of entertainment!

Just imagine that you bump into your ex-girlfriend at the parking lot near the supermarket. She's stuffing bags into the trunk of her car and the best thing about it all is that she's absolutely naked - you can easily see her freshly shaven pubis. You might say that it's impossible...
You pull your car to the curb in front of your house and you see your neighbor's daughter that takes a walk with her doggie - the girl has got no clothes on, she's all stripped! "That's bullshit", you might say - and you'll be absolutely right.
However, there's a place where anything of that kind is possible. It's a naturist beach!!! Your neighbor, your ex-girlfriend as well as any other beauty will get naked at the beach. Even the shyest girl in the world will forget about her moral values and let the world see her body at the naturist beach. And if you'll be near, you are guaranteed to get your portion of unexpected pleasure.
The team of X-Nudism is the one to offer you this unexpected pleasure. Photos and video shot at world's best topless and nude beaches...Anybody knows where your friends spent their vacation this summer?


NUDIST PICTURES and NUDIST MOVIESIn 2005 the team of X- Nudism decided to resort to the assistance of professional photographers and the best casting agencies to let you enjoy truly qualitative pictures and videos shot at the naturist beaches.

We didn't get rid of the content shot by amateurs at topless and nude beaches though - you can still find it in the Members Zone of X-Nudism. However, now we offer you to look at beach lifestyle from two different sides. Amateur pics and videos are submitted by the members of X-Nudism union and we demonstrate them at our pages. However, we get professional materials from real experts and pay for their work by highest imaginable standards. Thus, in the end, you get double pleasure when viewing our site.
Amateurs and professionals - all of them have different perception though the result of their work is always the same - awesome naturalist pics and movies from beaches located all over the world. The team of X-Nudism offers you to check out the samples of the fruits of our labor in Video section.

FKK pics and videos

FKK pics and videos

Most paysites update their collection with new porn pics and videos three times a week.

Boring, ain't it? Members Zone of X-Nudism is different from the standard. We update Naturist Video sections daily. Still, that's not the most important thing!
In the process of development of our site we made sure that you wouldn't feel bored when visiting our source.
+ Daily updates including fkk pics and videos from naturalist beaches located all over the world
+ Daily updates in the Daily Shot section
+ Forum where people talk about clothes optional beaches and lots of other exciting stuff
+ Regularly updated Paysite Reviews section
+ Best video rating feature

Tons of pleasure that you can get when visiting a nude beach, tons of impressions when you visit the Members Zone of X-Nudism.

Stories - First time nude

Nudist stories - First time nudeOur visitors are the people who could make it happen and cross that line of false modesty and get naked in front of total strangers.

One should admit that getting naked with all those strange males and females looking is rather a daring step. A lot of our visitors have memorized their first-ever naturism culture experience for good. We think that you, too, will find it interesting to learn about how other people came to do it for the first time. It is this sort of stories that can be grouped under the title First Time Nude that a whole section of our website is devoted. You can learn about the young nudists emotions from the first hands. Their funny and explicit about teen adventures are the pearls of our site. It was a great surprise for us to learn that naturist girls are much braver first-timers in clothes optional beaching while young boys are very much apprehensive as for the natural reactions of their bodies. Unexpected erection during nude beaching is what makes them reconsider their decision to get naked on a nude beach ...

Nude beach teen

Nude beach teen , family nudistTwo years ago, for my eighteenth birthday I took my first flight to Europe to stay there with my friend Kevin, mom and her friend. We spent ten days in the town of Cap D'agde in France. We were swimming and sunbathing a lot, and so we did that day.
Having had enough of swimming, mother decided to go shopping and we went to sunbathe and read (Kevin was reading a magazine, and I had a book. As it turned out later, the magazine had some article in it about ' Hedonism young nudist colony', where the author talked about his interest in modern youth style of teen naturists. The article had many nude images with sexy naturists, and naturally it caught the eye of my young friend :).
- I bet you wouldn't even dream of taking off your swimsuit and sunbathing nude? - Kevin asked all of a sudden.
Frankly speaking, I didn't mind at all sunbathing nude, but there were a couple of things that prevented me from doing this. Firstly, although there were not too many people on the beach, the beach itself was not a nude one (not fkk beach). I had some experience in skinny dipping before, but I did it in the back yard pool of my friend, it was an evening, and now the sun was shining. Secondly, momma was about to return. Of course, she saw me without any clothes on many times, but those were natural circumstances (sleeping in bed, changing my clothes) and it was by no means shameless showing off of my nudity, especially with all those people around. And I was not at all sure about my mom's friend's Jessica's reaction - although I knew she, too, loved swimming nude (I knew it for sure, for a couple of years ago we spent a family nusist holiday with Jessica, her husband and her daughter in Cancun Mexico and they did not shy away from staying in naturist part of the beach; they invited me to join them, but I refused cos I didn't fancy finding myself in videos on web afterwards). The only thing that encouraged me to do this was that I had no idea when I would have the chance for nude beaching next time (I was not going to go visiting nude beaches around the globe, I was not ready; besides, Kevin said that he felt shy, too).
In a word, I decided to get undressed, looking around cautiously and reminding myself all the time that I should stay on alert all the time not to miss the moment when mom would appear on the beach to have the time for dressing. Anyway, I had a solid hour and a half on my hands to enjoy my new role of a nudist. I determinately took off the upper part of my swimsuit, as I could see many girls there sunbathing topless. As for the bottom of my swimsuit, it was a bit harder to deal with it. I had already lost half of my bravery, and my very first experience of joining in the naturist move was about to become a complete failure, but when I saw Kevin at the ready to laugh at my indecisiveness I loosened the straps of my thong and appeared absolutely nude in front of the whole beach crowd.
Then it was time for Kevin to feel nervous. He could not get used to the idea that other people could see his girlfriend nude and he must have been cursing the moment when his eyes fell upon that Hedonism young naturist colony in the magazine. After five minutes or so Kevin decided that we needed a plunge. I got up to my feet and made a couple of steps - nothing terrible happened, I looked around - no one was watching - everyone was busy doing their own things. When I reached the water everything was still alright. Finally, when I was in water waist-deep, no one could see anything any longer. In the water Kevin and I were splashing around, swimming, hugging. I particularly enjoyed touching Kevin's body with the spots of my own body in places that were normally covered with swimsuit.
At some distance I could see another young couple swimming on an air mattress. They often cast evasive glances in our direction, so I was sure they knew that I was swimming naked. Especially that we were not standing in one place, but moving all the time and plunging. Once I got so carried away with plunging that I found myself in a knee-deep place, so my nudity could not escape unnoticed. And when we were coming out of the water (as I had already told, we had to wade something like 20 feet) we saw guys who had been sunbathing not far from us coming in our directions. I don't doubt it that they made such a detour when they saw a nude girl coming out of the water.
After a bit of sunbathing I got up once again and took a little walk along the shore. The main thing about it was that I didn't feel shy at all.
Then we were bathing again, and this time we were swimming quite a lot, and on our way back I used to chase Kevin. One time I swam off at a huge distance and I couldn't catch y boy friend for a while. Finally I succeeded, and when I was swimming past him I heard him saying something with his face turned to me, but I never paid much attention to this. At the very end of my swim I took a plunge to check how deep it was, and found that it was shallow enough for me to wade. I reached for the bottom with my feet and that was when I heard mom's voice saying:'And where's your swimsuit? People are watching you!'. Mom was standing in front of us, with Jessica and our hotel neighbor, a man whom momma got familiar with the night before. And me standing there with water barely reaching my knees, all of my intimate spots being exposed to the sight of my non nudist family, family friends and as it was not enough - an almost complete stranger! Of course I had to invent something awfully smart real fast for y being nude on a public beach, but the only thing that I could think of was - thanks God I shaved y pubic hair yesterday, and now everyone can see how groomed I am!
- Eh, we thought we could do with some nude beaching... - I heard Kevin say behind my back. What I wanted back then was to turn around and run away, but it was perhaps the most stupid thing to do. But mom didn't know what to say either. Jessica came to our rescue:
- Well, we came here for some bathing - so let's get to it, it's really hot today! There is no point in talking to them like that, there are no kids around - and I am pretty sure the rest of people here have seen much more indecent things, so why not enjoy some nude beaching! If I were younger I would swim nude, too... you better tell me...
And they started discussing some trivial matters like our plans for going back home. So it was that way that I stayed nude until the lunch time. What was the most striking thing about the whole experience it's the way I saw another couple going nude before we left the beach, proving the assumption that youth was really enjoying living out the teenager nudist style.

The desire to get stripped at a nude beach and the fear of letting the people around you see you naked ... Both of these feelings are strong - though the eagerness to expose the most secret corners of your body to the caressing rays of sun is still stronger. On the pages of our site you will be able to find the stories told by girls and guys trying nude posing in public for the very first time in their lives. Join X - Nudism Now!